Desserts at Xaviars

This Evening’s Selection of Desserts

Belgian Chocolate Timbale

Chocolate Mousse with Crème Brulée Center & Chocolate Ganache

Raspberries & Pistachio Dust

Souffle du Jour
Creme Anglaise

Roasted Pumpkin & Pine Nut Cake
Armagnac Soaked Prunes & Figs with Vanilla Gelato

Ronny Brook Farms Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta
Roasted Grapes & Hazelnut Praline

Selection of House Made Ice Creams & Sorbets
Crispy Vanilla Wafer & Fresh Mint

Selection of Artisanal Cheeses
Dried Fruits & Glazed Walnuts with Truffle Honey

Eleven Dollars

International Coffees

Eight Dollars

Coffee or Decaf
Columbian Dark Roast
Three Dollars and Fifty Cents

Single*  Three Dollars and Fifty Cents
Double* Five Dollars

Regular or Decaffeinated
Five Dollars

A Selection of Teas in a Silk Pouch from Mighty Leaf Tea
Three Dollars and Fifty Cents

Jasmine Mist
Layers of Arabian Jasmine Buds & lightly Caffeinated Chinese Green Tea Leaves.

Organic Earl Grey
Fine Golden Tips of Organic Black Tea Leaves Infused with First Pressed Bergamot oil.

Organic English Breakfast
A Rich & Robust Blend that Provides a Full Bodied Tea with a Malty finish.

Ginger Twist
A Naturally Decaffeinated Herbal Infusion of Soothing Ginger with Tropical Fruits, Provides a Lushes Blend with Notes of Ginseng & Licorice.

Chamomile Citron
A Naturally Decaffeinated Herbal Infusion of Blended Egyptian Chamomile & Citrus Slices with Rose Hips, Hibiscus & Lemongrass.

Organic Verbena Mint
A Naturally Decaffeinated Herbal Infusion with Soft Citrus Notes of Verbena Leaves Balanced with a Hint of Mint

This Evening’s Selection of Ports, Dessert Wines & After Dinner Pleasures by the Glass


Quinta do Infantado, Reserva    9.00
Cockburn’s, 10 year Tawny    11.00
Cockburn’s, 20 year Tawny    18.00
Smith-Woodhouse, Vintage 1995    18.00
Niepoort, Colheita 1986    21.00
Smith-Woodhouse, Vintage 1985    23.00
Dow’s, Vintage 1963    110.00

Port-Style & Port-Inspired

Banyuls, Dom. Du  Mas Blanc, France, 2006    15.00

Dessert Wine

Burge’s Family, Wilford, Old Sweet White Wine    12.00
Ice Wine, Standing Stone, Finger Lakes 2008    13.00
Tokaji Aszu, Disznoko 5Puttonyos, Hungary 2000    18.00
Lieutenant de Sigalas,  Sauternes, 2005    18.00

Sherry & Madeira

Tio Pepe, Fino Seco, Gonzalez Byass    8.00
Amontillado Napoleon, Hidaldo    10.00
Tintilla de Rota, Emilio Lustau    12.00
PX Solera 1927, Alvear    15.00
Royal Esmeralda, Dry Amontillado    18.00

Blandy’s, Malmsey, 10 year-old, NV    13.00
Fondillon, Gran Reserva, 1948    18.00

Liqueurs: Local Spotlight

Apple (bourbon-barrel), American Fruits, Warwick    9.00
Bartlette Pear, American Fruits, Warwick    9.00
Black Currant, American Fruits, Warwick    9.00

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